Pahalgam to Suru Valley Trek

One of the best traverses in NW Himalayas

Pahalgam to Suru Valley Trek

The Suru valley Batkol trek is one of the best traverses in NW Himalayas can be complete in eight to ten days. The trek route follows an ancient route which connected the Suru valley with Kashmir, this route was used for trading between Kashmir, Zanskar
and Ngris Tibet.

Day 1

The trek starts from Chandanwari, Pahalgam through Pissu top to Alpine valley. Stay in camps for acclimatization the body to the high altitude.
The trail leads to a mesmerizing Sheshnag Valley surrounded by the mountains and below a large Alpine lake in the center. We stay in camps beside the lake.

Day 2

The next stage is a steep ascend to Gulole Gali Pass through a well-marked terrain and descend down towards Rangmarg for an overnight camp. However if time permits we can further descend to Kanital valley. The valley is famous to its waterfalls, forests, and shepherds.

Day 3

We start trek to Humpet and will gain an elevation gradually. The trail follows the extensive view of inner Himalayas. Overnight stay here or upper Kanital valley, depending upon the condition.
The stage from Kanital to Donara via the Batkol paas is the climax of a trek. We climb very early through glacial moraines and ice, the Batkol and Chalong glaciers are both crevassed in some areas and need to follow our Mountain Guides. Overnight stay in Donara will give an extensive panoramic view to many Himalayan Peaks.
An easy trek to Panikhar will end this best Himalayan traverse. From Panikhar we can drive to Kargil or Padum Zanskar.
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