Mohand Marg

Home of Sir Aurel Stein

Mohand Marg Trek

Mohand Marg is an alpine meadow of Kashmir Himalayas. The meadow gives a panoramic view of Pir Panjal range, Gadsar Range and Mount Kolahoi. The meadow was home to the great Hungarian-born British Explorer, Archeologist and Scholar of Sanskrit Sir Aurel Stein. Sir Aurel Stein first came to Mohand Marg in 1895 where he started his accounts on Rajatarangini, a 12th century CE historical chronicle of the north-western Indian subcontinent.  Sir Aurel Stein had wished to get his burial in the Mohand Marg but left the meadow in 1934 for his work and died in Kabul.

Day 1

A two-hour drive from Srinagar to Anderwan Village for an overnight stay. Meet highland and nomad people to get an introduction of Mohand Marg and legacy of Sir Aurel Stein. Here we will interact with the people whose forefathers used to serve Sir Stein in his journeys to Majestic Meadow and will listen fairy tales of his journeys.

Day 2

After breakfast we start hiking along Brari Pathri and Satwas Stream which originate from glaciers of Malood. After one hour we will get an aerial view of  Sind valley from Jabbad. We take some rest there. After hiking further up to a few hundred meters we will cross Doaba Forests that runs into the majestic Mohand Marg meadow. We will pitch our tents at the same place where Sir Aurel Stein used to stay for years.

Day 3

After breakfast we will visit Lal Marg, Kannidalau and Malood Pass which leads to the south face of Mighty Mount Harmukh and then we return to Mohand Marg Camp for an overnight stay.

Day 4

We descend back through same route to Anderwan village and drive back to Srinagar.
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