Harmukh Valley Trek

Hosts Largest Alpine Lake of Kashmir (167 hectars)

Harmukh Valley Trek

Harmukh Valley trek is an amazing alpine trail and considered as a most beautiful trek in Kashmir. Camping beside the Gangbal Lake (the largest alpine lake of Kashmir) and beholding the lofty Mount Harmukh towering at the height of 5142 meters, 4th highest mountain of Valley.
Known as the Eiger of Kashmir, it was from Mount Harmukh that Thomas Montgomery, a great trigonometric surveyor, first discovered K1 and K2 Mountains in 1865. The Gangbal Lake is considered the river Ganges in Shivism.

Day 1

We drive to the Naranag base camp and have an acclimatization walk around the ruins of ancient temple and meet with local highland people.

Day 2

A three-hour ascent through pine forests of Buthshre and then a short steady walk leading to the famous Trunkhol meadow. Trunkhol is a first sight where the Eastern Face of Mighty Mount Harmukh can be seen: A five thousand feet vertical wall made of Rock and Ice make it another name “Eiger”.

Day 3

We start trekking towards Kolsar Alpine Lake through the fascinating Kolsar Pass and will relish lunch on its pristine grass land and then trek towards another beautiful Alpine Lake (Nandansar Lake) to stay for an overnight.

Day 4

A mild trek will lead us to the famous Gangbal Lake which is the largest Alpine Lake of Kashmir and main source of Wangat River. We walk along the length of this lake and get a fascinating view of the glaciers of Mount Harmukh and the extreme route to its Summit. We return our Trunkhol camp for overnight stay.

Day 5

We trek down to Naranag and then drive to Srinagar.

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