Barafsar (Frozen Lake) Trek

Hosts Highest Alpine Lake of Kashmir (4605m)

Barafsar (Frozen Lake) Trek

This trek starts from the last village of Kashmir Valley towards north-east. The village is famous for porters that take devotees to the holy Amaranth cave. The trek has three alpine lakes on its route, and one being the highest altitude (4605) lake in Kashmir. On the way, one experiences two alpine meadows, Kolahoi Pass (highest in Sind valley), eight technical cliffs, six glacier beds and Thajwas wild life sanctuary.


Day 1

We drive from Srinagar to Sarbal Village and load packs on ponies for a three-hour trek to Durinar Meadow. This meadow is surrounded by towering cliffs and flowing glaciers on two sides. Shepherds could be seen surrounding the meadow with their sheep and goats.

Day 2

We start an early morning trek that will take us to Durinar Lake, a crystal blue lake harbored in a giant granite rock. We pitch our tents at a location that serves as summit camp for two wonderful alpine peaks, Mount Innominate and Crystal Peak and a trail to Kolahoi Pass.

Day 3

We trek further up to view Nilnag Lake and then push further 350 meters parallel to Innominate Glacier until we reach the highest Alpine Lake of Kashmir. To the extreme right we will find Mount Valehead and Kazim ridge on the left side. We will relish some local food there and descend back to Durinar Camp for an overnight stay.

Day 4

We hike through Bear Valley Pass followed by the plain walk through Zabnar. On the way, we will get a fascinating view of Glacier Beds of  Thajwas and a few other technical cliffs. Finally the Golden Meadow will welcome us and we will drive to Sonamarg to stay overnight in a Hotel.

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