Zanskar Valley

Enchanting places to visit in Himalayas

Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley lies towards the eastern half of Kashmir. Considered one of the most enchanting places to visit in Himalayas, this valley holds Zanskar mountain range, Zanskar River and varied natural animals like snow leopard, marmot, alpine ibex etc. In ancient times, Zanskar along with Ladakh was part of modern day Tibet. One falls in love with this place right away after seeing its wide open vistas, blue water streams snaking through the valley, the compelling aura of total remoteness and the massive glaciers.

In winters the valley mostly remains cut from the outside world. But this renders the possibility for one of the world’s best winter treks, the Chadar Trek. It’s a 100-km trek on a frozen chadar river when the temperature has dipped below 10ºC. The trek is glamorous and at the same time offers the inhospitable conditions.

The Zanskar Range has the famous Nun-Kun massif near Suru valley. The massif consists of a pair of Himalayan peaks: Nun Peak (7,135 m) and its neighboring peak Kun Peak (7,077 m). Nun is the highest peak in the part of the Himalayan range lying on the Indian side of Kashmir. Few other prominent peaks are White needle and pinnacle.
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