Greater Thajwas

Stretching from the famous tourist resort
Sonamarg to Kolahoi Pass

Greater Thajwas

Great Thajwas is a small sub-range of Kashmir Himalayas stretching from the famous tourist resort Sonamarg to Kolahoi Pass. The range has 8 peaks like Mount Thajwas, Mount Valehead, Umbrella Peak etc., offering technical climbing. The very first ascends were made between 1933 and 1945 by L.Watts, J.Waller and John A. Jackson (Chief instructor of Mountaineering Centre at Sonamarg)

Mount Thajwas (4860m) climb can be seen publicly below from the valley of Sonamarg. It rises from the first glacier of Great Thajwas. The middle cliff of the three cliffs that make the Mount Thajwas is its summit.

Mount Valehead (4750m) is a pyramid shaped peak with two climbing routes, one from Sonamarg which offers challenging climb through amphitheatre gully and second (a moderate route) from Kolahoi Pass that hosts three alpine tarns at its summit camp.  Among them one lake Barafsar is the highest alpine lake of Kashmir.

Umbrella Peak (4789m) is the finest climb in all. The peak is located in the middle of the Thajwas Range and can be approached through amphitheatre gully. The route is challenging and the technical climb is involved. The second route is from Kolahoi Pass which offers 2km glacier travel below to Kazim ridge leading to its summit.
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