Summer Camping

Our summer camping is always a blend of outdoor education and activities. From pitching a tent to high-altitude acclimatization training, from imparting teamsmanship to cultivating environment-friendly consciousness, our camping inculcates many things other than just an outing vibe.
We have many picturesque camping sites; however, Aru and Anderwan are where we mostly camp at.


is famous for its scenic meadows, lakes and mountains. It also serves a base camp for the trekking to Kolahoi Glacier and Tarsar-Marsar treks. The camping site is a lush outstretched meadow, circled by mountains and is cut by a gushing canal.


is a base camp for Mohand Marg trek. Mohand Marg top, a day trek from Anderwan, gives a panoramic view ofPir Panjal range, Gadsar Range and Mount Kolahoi. The meadow is world-famous for Sir Aurel Stein, a British Explorer and Archaeologist, who wrote his accounts on Rajtarangi here.
Anderwan camping site sits at the hem of a mountain that leads into a labyrinth of mountain trails and meadows. It has a stream magnificently cascading down into the valley.

Why Cliffhangers Asia

Cliffhangers Asia is a reliable name. We are registered with Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department and are a member of Adventure Travel Association of Kashmir (ATOK). We cater to all adventure related activities that happen in Kashmir. Be it skiing, climbing, trekking, or camping we are the preferred name in the market. Equipped with modern adventure and camping gear with high-end accessories, we have experienced and qualified staff to meet the standards of our clients.
We have hosted many dignitaries in our camps, example being the German Ambassador to India Mr. Micheal Steiner.
We have successfully completed many adventure- and tourism-related tasks commissioned to us by the Tourism Department like raising the memorial of Sir Aurel Stein at Mohand Marg meadow.
Activities and Sessions

Briefing Sessions

1.      Knowing the place

In this short session the campers are acquainted with the surroundings:  the mountain ranges like Himalayas, Karakoram, meadows and routes leading to other mountains and alpine lakes. This session gives them a feel of where they are camping and what lies in the surroundings.
This session is appended with a briefing on environmental guidelines & instructions.
2.     Medical, Survival and Rescue Session

A short introduction to high-altitude sickness, mountain sickness and high-altitude acclimatization is initiated by our experts in this session. Emergency rescue and survival titbits and basic know-how related to it are talked about with some practical steps shown.


Trekking is our prime activity during the camping. For campers below 16, the trails are easy, and for above 16 the trek is easy to medium. The campers are always accompanied by our professional trekkers.
Other activities include sports like volleyball, badminton, throw ball, Kabaddi, Tug-of-war etc. We have rope manoeuvring and horseback riding as well.

Safety measures

Our camping sites are always a shout away from the connecting roads. Our camping sites are ideally placed to have both serenity in the ambiance and an easy access to the main road. Besides, we have a medical team accompanying the campers, always.
Our tents are from high-end companies and are highly resistant to both wind and rain. The toilets and refreshing rooms are hygienic with concrete base and having an availability of both hot and cold water.

Food and Refreshments

We have variety in meals. For breakfast along with tea/coffee we provide bread, butter/jam, and boiled eggs. For lunch and dinner we have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food along with rice.
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