Basic / Advance Mountaineering

Basic / Advance Mountaineering

Our courses are designed to give you the skills to travel safely in hazardous terrain. We choose the best locations specific to the demands of the course.


The Basic Mountaineering Course is to initiate an introduction to the mountains and to motivate people for higher endeavor.
  • Basic techniques of movement on rock, snow and ice
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of mountaineering
  • Map reading and NavigationMap reading and Navigation
  • Weather / Forecast Medical
  • Mountain Hygiene etc.


The Advance Mountaineering course is to teach advance techniques of climbing on rock, snow and ice.
We teach how to plan and execute an expedition in the Himalayas.
  • Roping up for Glacier Travel
  • Using maps to plan objective
  • Crevasse identification and avoidance
  • Understanding mountain hazards
  • Self-arrest
  • Snow climbing techniques
  • Ice climbing techniques
  • Snow anchors, Rock anchors, and Ice anchors
  • Pitched climbing in snow and ice
  • Rock protection tactics
  • Short pitching on rock
  • Short roping on rock
  • Rappelling on snow, rock, and ice

Sports Climbing

Our Sport Climbing course introduces climbers to lead climbing on single pitch sport climbs.

  • Safe leading technique
  • Lead belaying
  • Clipping techniques
  • Anchor building
  • Route identification
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